Where to Buy the Cheapest Gis in 2023

If you are just starting out with BJJ or you are looking to fill a hole in your gi rotation, where can you find the cheapest Gi?  For many right now, money is tight and if you need a gi, you’d be surprised what you can buy for cheap.  You have quite a lot of options if looking for a gi under $70 dollars with the majority of the cheap gis listed here coming in at under $50 or less.

And If you are comfortable with it, you may score used expensive gis for under $20 dollars!

We give plenty of options and also provide some shopping tips that can help you score a great deal on a gi.


There are quite a few entry level players that focus on the Amazon marketplace. These brands are quite good and will suffice when looking for quality jiu jitsu gi.

These brands are:

Also there are branded entry level gis that you scored for a great deal like the Venum Contender Gi.

Sanabul's Essential v.2 Ultra Light Jiu Jitsu Gi - $65 USD

The main amazon players are Elite and Sanabul, who capitalized early on the Amazon prime marketplace with their affordable yet quality gis.

Sanabul’s entry level gi is called the “Essential v.2 Ultra Light Jiu Jitsu Gi”.

Sanabul Essentials gi has been historically priced for the last 2 years at $64.02 according to JungleScout (Amazon Price Tracker).

Sanabul’s Essentials gi has well over 7000 reviews with 5 star reviews at around 78% so you can be assured of getting a quality gi.

The fabric top is a 350 gsm weave which is on the lighter side of weight. The average gi gsm is typically in the 400s with heavyweight gold weaves coming in at the 500s gsm.

The Sanabul gi is made with pre-shrunk fabric which is good as there will be very little surprise and washing your gi and putting on the first time only to find out it shrunk too much.

Sanabul Essential BJJ Gi for Men | Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi | Ultra Lightweight Preshrunk Cotton Fabric | Jiu-Jitsu Gi (White, A2)
  • Premium Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi: Elevate your training with our top-quality bjj gi for men. It's versatile, durable, and designed to meet the demands of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo, Jujitsu, and more.
  • BJJ Gi for Discerning Athletes: The Essential BJJ Gi in our collection is meticulously crafted to cater to the needs of elite athletes who demand nothing less than excellence. This exceptional gi is engineered to deliver not only superior performance but also unmatched comfort, ensuring you stay at the top of your game during both rigorous training sessions and intense competition bouts.
  • Complete BJJ Outfit: Explore our extensive range of BJJ essentials, including gi pants, kimonos, and other accessories, ensuring you have all the gear necessary to assemble a complete, high-performance Brazilian Jiu Jitsu outfit that meets the needs of men, women, and kids.
  • Preshrunk Consistency: Made from preshrunk fabric, our gis guarantee a consistent fit wash after wash, ensuring your gear always performs at its best.
  • Trusted by Professionals: Sanabul BJJ GI, are trusted by professional athletes and martial arts enthusiasts worldwide, making them the go-to choice for serious practitioners.

I’m personally not a huge fan of contrast color stitching on my gis and the contrasting color way in the crotch / gusset area off the pants.

Overall though the branding is minimal and clean (which is plus in my book) and I have many teammates who wear Sanabul on the mats and are happy with it.

With that being said, definitely read the Q/A and reviews to find out which size will be a good fit along with reading Sanabul’s sizing guide.

Elite Sports BJJ GI - $59.99

Elite Sports has a price range from $59 on their entry level gi. This gi features a 400 gsm pear weave top (which is pretty standard) with a cotton/poly blend twill pants. Elite jiu jitsu gi has some very nice colorways (I personally own the gray color scheme) and the branding is minimal and on point.

Currently there are well over 4700 hundred reviews with > 80 % of the reviews 5 stars. When shopping on Amazon I tend to like over 80% 5 stars with a lot of reviews (to average out the ratings manipulation) and Elite definitely fits that criteria.

Overall a great gi to rock while training and especially love the olive green and gray (grey??) color schemes.

Elite Sports BJJ GI for Men - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi - IBJJF Tournament Kimono - Lightweight Preshrunk Sweat Wicking Fabric - Machine Washable - Free White Belt - Advanced Sizing Chart - White- Size 4
  • ✅ ADVANCE SIZING: Our sizing is superior to any other brand out there, we do not believe in 1 size fits all when it comes to Bjj gis. PLEASE SEE OUR ADVANCE SIZING CHART.
  • ✅ NO SHRINKING- MACHINE WASH IS OK- Lets be realistic most Gi brands want you to hand wash and then hang to dry in order to avoid shrinkage – Elite Sports Jiu-Jitsu GI is made from pre-shrunk fabric you’ll never have to worry about your lightweight BJJ GIs shrinking. Just wash this lightweight BJJ GI for men in cold water and use dryer. The pre-shrunk fabric of our BJJ kimono is strong and durable and will not disappoint you our cause unexpected shrinkage.
  • ✅ IBJJF APPROVED – This IBJJF GI is approved from International BJJ Federation, so you can wear our BJJ Jiu-Jitsu GI in competitions and tournaments held by IBJJF. Various sizes and colors are available for both men and women from ages 18 to 55 years. This Jiu Jitsu GI has a stylish and elegant design.
  • ✅ FREE WHITE BELT w/ STRIPE BAR – Our lightweight men’s BJJ kimono is complemented with a free white belt for beginners which is made of the same cotton as the GI. The free while belt also has a stripe bar that will allow you to earn your stripes and show them with pride displaying your progress as you climb up the levels.
  • ✅ REDUCE THE RISK OF BAD SMELL – Lightweight material in our Jiujitsu GI disperses sweat faster, means no lingering bad smells ruining your GI. So, you won’t have to experience rancid odors distracting you from training or competing. Just wash the BJJ Kimono after your training session and wear clean your BJJ Jiujitsu GIs every next day.

Jayefo Sports Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi - $43.99

The Jayefo Jiu Jitsu Gi is definitely one of the lowest priced Gi you can find on Amazon (and online)

The gi top jacket fabric is a Pearl Weave at a nice and sturdy 450 gsm weight. The pants are constructed with 10 ounce ripstop pants. This is a great fabric combination and incredible that Jayefo offers such a gi with ripstop pants for under $50 dollars US.

Love the color options with again the olive and gray schemes.

I personally am not sure of the branding (what does Jayefo even mean and how do you pronounce it?) but overall the branding looks clean and not in your face and for the price, base fabrics used in the gi and the color ways I would definitely add this gi in my training rotation.

Jayefo Men-Women BJJ GI MGDON (Gray/Black, A2)
  • ✅ LIGHTWEIGHT AND PRESHRUNK | Jayefo Jiu Jitsu Men & Women Are Made Lightweight & Preshrunk. Please Wash Jiu Jitsu Pants & Jiujitsu Top in Cold Water And Hang To Dry.
  • ✅FREE WHITE BJJ BELT | Jayefo All Bjj Gi Comes with A Durable Free Bjj Gi Belt in White Color With Rank Bar Saving You Time And Money.
  • ✅IBJJF APPROVED | Jayefo Sports Jiu Jitsu Gi Are Approved by Ibjjf Standards, You May Wear Jayefo Bjj Gi Men at Any Ibjjf Championship.
  • ✅FIX PATCHES | Jayefo Bjj Gi Comes with Plenty of Space Where You May Fix Jiu Jitsu Academy or Sponsors Patches. You May Also Fix Patches On Top Jayefo Bjj Gi Chest Logo as It Is Permitted Area by IBJJF to Paste Patches.
  • ✅1-YEAR WARRANTY |Jayefo Juijitsu Gi Mens and Women Warranty Covers for Gi Pants, Gi Top, Bjj Gi Belt Stitching & Fabric. If Your Mens Bjj Gi or Womens Bjj Gi Fabric or Stitching Rip/Tear Message Us We Will Send Replacement Bjj Gi to Cover Warranty.

Hawk Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi - $49.99

Hawk is another budget Amazon focused BJJ brand and offers a gi for under $50 dollars.

The gi jack top is made with 350 gsm pearl weave fabric and the pants are 10 oz ripstop fabric. The pearl weave top is pretty standard (maybe a bit on the lighter side which is good for hot training rooms but not so much for long term durability).

I think it’s a plus the pants are in ripstop at this price point. The color ways are nice (matching the other top brands on Amazon) and branding on gi itself is minimal. This seems to be a departure from their previous versions in which the branding was more prominent on the gi.

While I’m not a fan of the current logo/ logo script (“HAWK” would look better with an Elite looking logo script) it is not overtly flashy and in your face. Overall this is a great choice for hotter climates sub $50 dollar gi.

Hawk Sports Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi for Men and Women with Jacket, Pants and White Belt for Martial Arts Training and Competition, BJJ Gi with Pearl Weave Fabric for Power and Mobility - White, A1
  • Move Freely. Our BJJ pants and jacket are made from 350 gsm pre-shrunk pearl weave fabric, strong and light, for easily taking down larger opponents and executing powerful grapples and submissions
  • Fit Comfortably. Our IBJFF-legal BJJ gi comes in various sizes, for training and competition. Adjust the Y-lapel collar on the jacket and rope drawstring around the pants' waist loops for a snug fit
  • Use Reliably. Reinforced stitching along key areas of the BJJ uniform, 10oz ripstop fabric sewn along the BJJ gi pants, and EVA rubber collars of the BJJ jacket, add durability where it is needed most
  • Wear Confidently. Sport a professional look with a Brazilian jiu jitsu gi of your chosen color, with minimalist HWK logos and clean lines. Personalize your gi with a sew on patch of your BJJ academy
  • Value for Money. Get the best deal on our Hawk BJJ Gi with free jiu jitsu belt. Add stripes to your white belt's rank bar as you progress toward earning a blue belt and moving up the jiu jitsu ranks

Venum Contender 2.0 BJJ Gi - $58

This is a solid choice for price to brand value. Venum is well known in the MMA space as well as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The Venum Contender series gi is their entry level gi with Venum branded script and logo with a nice aesthetic overall.

The Jacket is 350 gsm pearl weave with cotton twill pants coming in at 230 gsm (8 ounces). The 300 weighted jackets are a favorite of mine when training and are light and airy.

I have this gi and it’s a solid choice. The color is nice with the gray and navy options and the branding is on point with the Venum brand (clean with the snake head logo on the back).

I have seen the pricing on this gi fluctuate quite a bit but if you see it below $60 definitely give it a hard look as that is a great price for this branded gi.

Venum Contender 2.0 BJJ Gi - White
  • Pearl weave cotton jacket
  • Jacket 350 gsm with rounded, reinforced slots
  • EVA foam soft collar
  • Pants 230 gsm 100% cotton with reinforced stitching inside leg and around ankle circumfrence
  • Does not include belt
Other brands and Generic (Brandless)

There are other Gi brands on Amazon that are worth a look as well as brandless gis that feature no embroidery or logo patches. If you see something you like give it a shot as you can always return the gi for free (prime members).

Some of the gis that come to mind are Your Jiu Jitsu Gear and Reevo.

Your Jiu Jitsu Gear - $64.99

Your Jiu Jitsu Gear is a solid choice and having no logos or branding is very clean. Their gis come in either 450 or 350 gsm weight fabric if you want heavier/studier gi or lighter.

Your Jiu Jitsu Gear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Gi Uniform Set Premium Quality BJJ 450 GSM For Competition & Training (White/A1) Free White Belt
  • 🥋 Designed by Jiu Jitsu Masters: Our Gis are not just garments; they are a product of over 90 years of combined experience from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Masters. We understand how a Gi should look, feel, and perform, ensuring you have the best on the mat.
  • MACHINE WASHABLE ALL NATURAL MATERIAL - Our premium quality Gis are made with the finest all-natural pearl weave cotton blend. To avoid shrinkage, stinkage & to ensure fabric’s comfortable feel, simply wash your Gi in cold water and hang it to air dry, or use the low heat setting in your dryer after each session. If you want to shrink your Gi, wash it in hot water & dry it on a high-heat setting and you’ll be ready to fight another day.
  • HIGH-QUALITY, DURABLE & LONG LASTING - Our premium YJJG BJJ Gis are strong & built to last. Reinforced stitching throughout all seams & in key stress areas ensures that our BJJ Gi uniforms withstand years of tough training. Black Belts and beginners alike will look sharp and be ready to take down their competitors in this ultra-comfortable, premium-made Gi. Our Gis are specially designed to comply with all International BJJ Federation* regulations for competitions and tournaments.
  • NO LOGOS FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE, WITH 4 COLORS AND 2 FABRIC WEIGHTS - Four classic colors are available in our complete BJJ Gi Sets: White, Black, Blue, and Grey. Choose between 350-GSM Lightweight (aka Ultra Light ) Pearl Weave or 450-GSM Standard Pearl Weave. Check our height-based adult unisex sizing chart to find the perfect size for you.
  • 📏 Accurate Sizing for the Right Fit: Crafted to provide the highest quality without compromising value. The thick and sturdy Jacket Top features a rubberized lapel collar, offering a snug fit that wraps around your torso. Our Gi Pants are made from a 10oz ripstop cotton blend with reinforced stitching where strength is needed most. A stretch rope drawstring closure with waist loops ensures a tailor-made fit every time.

Gi Brands

For an entry level or budget gi (cheap) under $70 dollars your best bet can be to buy direct from the gi brand itself. They profit more from you, the consumer, buying directly from their site (Amazon takes around a ⅓ cut).

Therefore they incentivize and price less than what you may see from Amazon.

The following brands are particularly budget friendly with their entry level gis…. especially during sales periods (holidays and summer).


Venum from time to time has sales and free shipping that blow Amazon pricing out of the water. Your best bet is to sign up for their newsletter and get notified of new sales. They have a better selection than on Amazon I find and if you are patient you can get a great deal on your new Gi.

I personally own the VENUM CONTENDER EVO BJJ GI and bought from their site.

Check it out: https://www.venum.com/collections/kimonos


Another Jiu Jitsu brand that has amazing Gis is Tatami. Tatami (meaning mat in Japanese), is a longtime BJJ brand. I find from time to time Tatami has amazon deals on their entry level gis.

For example they are selling a complite gi in black for $49.50 which is a really good deal for such an esteemed brand like Tatami. Although as of this writing their free shipping policy requires you to spend $150, you can buy multiple gis and be set for a long time.


Elite Sports

Although Elite Sports has a big presence on Amazon, if you buy directly from their site you can score some great gis for less than $50 dollars. If you join their email list you save more on your order and get notified flash sales. Definitely budget friendly if you are in pinch.

Used Marketplace

Ebay, offer up, Facebook Marketplace and Google Shopping

The ultimate cheap gi can be had if you search the used market places. I bought my very first gi on ebay for $20 and recently bought a nice Hayabusa gi for $14.

Buyer beware?

This recently scored Hayabusa Lightweight Jiu Jitsu gi retails currently for $129 but I was able to score it for $14 dollars. While it did come with lint and hair that I had to clean off, after a deep wash and dry I was really happy with this deal.

I found my new (used) gi on a weird site called DollarHog.net, which I found while looking through Google shopping.

Google shopping is a great place to search for any used (new too) gi bargains.

If you don’t mind a used Gi this can be a good option if you are patient and not in a rush.

So the cheap gi deals can be had… it just what is your time frame and what are you comfortable with buying.

Look through those used marketplaces for bargains before pulling the trigger on a new gi… especially if you live in a large metro this could be a good option for you.


To wrap this up, you have a lot of options if you want to spend less than $70 even $60 dollars and are in a time crunch on Amazon. Your next (or best if you are patient) is to scour the brands themselves to see what kind of deals you can score on their entry level gis.

And if you are a real penny pincher and have time in abundance, you can score some amazing deals (less than $20) on the used marketplace.

Good luck and happy rolling!

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