How to Use Reddit’s BJJ Community to Get Better Faster in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Reddit, in case you been living under a rock is a vast online community on various topics….anything you can think of there is a subreddit or sub community dedicated to it on

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is no exception.  In fact the BJJ subreddit (subreddit is a euphemism for the name after the domain and /r on the URL for – which is the name for the community) has well over 140K members, making it one of the largest online communities dedicated to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.

The /r/bjj subreddit is a great resource.  There are many topics discussed and a lot great content on various aspects of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and more.

First all it helps if you sign up for an account on reddit (its free).  Once you have an account then hit the join button to get the latest posts in your feed.

Once you have joined take a look at the BJJ Wiki covering a vast array of topics such as strength and conditioning, should I train sick, techniques, how to wrap your fingers and other such topics.

After joining and becoming a member, you can update what is called a flair – which is a tagline and belt level next to your username.  Go ahead and add your belt rank here.

The r/bjj community can Up Vote or Down Vote Posts and comments and more popular posts (or upvoted content) typically rises to the top.

r/bjj Seach is the single most powerful feature of the community.  If you have any questions most likely it has already been answered in the forum. Questions on where to train when traveling, what to do when you if your training partner stinks, should I train when sick have all been asked one way or the other on the subreddit.



If have not seen your question ask before the reddit feel free to ask away and post a question. Just hit create post.


Currently on the bjj subreddit each day has a sticky thread dedicated to a specific bjj topic

  • Monday is Strength and Conditioning  – where in the thread you can ask about any workout and weight training geared towards BJJ.
  • Tuesday is Tournament Tuesday – is all about competition discussion. How to Compete, Mindset, Preparation, Rules etc
  • Wednesday is White Belt Wednesday – all about beginner questions on a vast array of white belt topics
  • Friday is Open Mat Thread – talk about anything and everything
  • Saturday is Shameful Saturday – if you were embarrassed by anything on the mat, you can commiserate here – can be quite funny
  • Sunday is Swagger Time – you can talk about hitting a submission, getting a promotion or stripe, tournament result or anything else you are proud of doing on the mats during the week.

Some things not do when on r/bjj

  • Posting your stripe or belt promotion unless there is a unique story behind it
  • Short and senseless comments

Famous r/bjj users

/u/NooYawkCity Anthony Bourdain  (RIP)

/u/fritzdagger   Keenan Cornelius

u/johbelushismom Craig Jones


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