BJJBuddy Relaunches Android BJJ Training Log & Journal App on the Play Store.

BJJBuddy relaunches BJJ Training App on the Android Play Store Marketplace.

You can download here

More Details:


BJJBuddy is a BJJ Training Log App which allows you to track your rolling, submissions sweeps and tapps all with beautiful charts. Record training notes from class in our easy to use journal. Record your competition results. See your match wins and losses.

Learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with BJJBuddy through video & video recommendations based on your training stats. Get to know your Grappling game by tracking your training, submissions, sweeps and taps over time. Get detailed analysis on your bjj strengths and break down where you game has holes.

Journal your Flo rolls and your BJJ game when learning new & exotic techniques like Lapel Guard, Worm Guard, Squid Guard, Heel Hooks, Leg Attacks and more. Record video notes and tag and journal your techniques. Create a virtual encyclopedia of all your best moves.

Share your BJJ stats with friends. Break down your submissions and tapps. Capture notes on training. Get social and post your stats and follow your friends bjj training. All in one place

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