5 Best Pre Workout Supplements For BJJ & MMA – How to Have More Energy While Training & Rolling

You worked a long day and now you have a 2 hour BJJ training workout.  How can you find the energy to make it through the class?  Maybe it’s a 6am morning class, how can I get extra pop and have my body to level up for training?

So you are thinking about trying a pre workout before training. Do pre workout supplements actually work for BJJ? Should you even take them? What if you just want to know how can I get more energy to train and roll harder?  We will take a look at this more

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What is a Pre Workout Supplement and How Does it Work?

When you look at the label of your favorite pre workout, typically we will see some variation of the following ingredients

    • BETA-ALANINE: – a patented amino acid – beta-alanine can help buffer lactic acid build up. This ingredient usually causes the ‘head tingles’ you get when taking most mass produced pre workouts
    • L ARGININE – an amino acid that is necessary for the body to make proteins. found in red meat, poultry, fish, and dairy products. Breaks down into Nitric oxide expands blood vessels for better blood flow and also stimulates the release of growth hormone.
    • L Carnitine – an amino acid that helps the body turn fat into energy.
    • CREATINE NITRATE – used for increasing exercise performance, stamina, and recovery.
    • CAFFEINE – natural stimulant found in you  guessed it coffee and teas
    • L-citrulline – Another amino acid, L-citrulline helps to improve blood flow. Our body synthesize L-citrulline into L-arginine
    • D-Aspartic Acid helps in increasing testosterone production in the body
    • Taurine
    • Vitamin B

Do Pre Workouts Actually Work for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA?

It is very debatable the pros and cons of  taking a pre-workout supplement before training.  There are studies that show pre workouts can help before engaging in a physical exercises.

However does this translate into having more energy before training MMA & BJJ?

If we look at a typical Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or MMA class it usually breaks down into the following sequence:

  1. Warm Up – Some form of movement drills and calisthenics
  2. Drilling – Technique Practice, focus on quality repetition of technique, explanation of technique and repeated deliberate movement patterns
  3. Sparring – Positional or Free Sparring – this is where the rubber meets the road and where you need the MOST energy output.
  4. Cool down and Stretching – if you are lucky haha

What is unique to the BJJ & MMA training workouts, is that when you need the most energy your are already 30 minutes to 1 hour into the class. Most pre workouts have fizzled out so you are left with very tingly head and hyped up energy levels when you need it the least.  You are crashing when you need your energy levels at their peak.

Recommend Pre Workouts For BJJ & MMA Training

If you waking up early and going to class or have worked all day and are going to an evening class it really does help to get a little more pep before class.  How to get more energy and  focus for training.

Coffee – Simple and tried and true.  A lot of our top pre workouts do contain Caffeine so this is a  solid option.


Take a Pre Workout Supplement and BCAAs

Recommended Pre Workout Supplements and Products

We looked through the top performing pre workouts on the morning to gauge which ones are best suited for BJJ and MMA training style workouts.  We looked at various factors such as sustained energy boost over “pump” style pre workouts that leave your heart racing and head tingling. Most of these will contain caffeine as well as other ingredients that support focus and endurance.

Vega Sport – Great all natural pre workout. Uses natural ingredients to get that slow burn that you need while going through a long training session. Contains Caffeine as well as electrolytes to help you train longer.

Genius Pre Workout Powder – Need a little focus as well as pep to your step. Genius is great alternative to increase your focus and get your body going at the same time. Contains Caffeine, DMAA & DMHA as well as huperzine a, taurine and l tyrosine.

On Amino Energy – Another great solution for increased focus and energy. Contains Caffeine (Caffeine, Green Tea Extract, Green Coffee Extract) and BCAAs amino acids.

Gold BJJ Pre Roll  – Pre Roll is a pre workout specifically designed for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. 100mg of Caffeine plus Arginine (3000mg) and Betaine (1200mg).

ORGANIC MUSCLE Pre Workout Powder – Organic ingredients for a nice clean boost of energy.

Pre Workouts You Should Avoid Before Training

THC & THC Edibles -While some people swear by getting high before rolling, if training harder and having more energy is the goal this is something we don’t recommend.

CBD – Post workout YES!… but not before. This will relax you more than anything. Unless that is what you want.

That Monster or Redbull energy drink or Bang Energy Drink – Save you money and buy a real pre workout and mix with water.  Bang is novel but too pricey for what you are getting.

Strategies for Having More Energy While Training, Rolling & Sparring

  • Drink a pre workout before rolling during water break not before the start of class –  Fill in your shaker or workout cup of choice and leave it next to the mat
  • Learn how to Breath for Energy and compose yourself and gain energy between rounds by breathing for energy
  • Instead of Drinking water during rest between rounds use a water mixed with BCAAs
  • Relax more during the roll and pace yourself while sparring.  Learn how to use your existing energy more efficiently
  • Roll more – instead of taking a break, Roll every round to increase your output
  • Get More Sleep and Sleep Better at Night


Wrap and Summary

Sometimes you just need a chemical boost before hitting the gym.  Not all pre-workouts work well with BJJ and the class schedule.  Some will leave you crashing before you even get to the hardest part of the training – rolling!

Your best bet is to go with a pre workout that contains some mix of Caffeine and Aminos and other natural ingredients for a clean burn.


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